About me

I am a traditional Artist originally from Derbyshire in England. I have been drawing all my life, and did art at both College and University.I only produce original artwork . I started working in the Theatre in my University days working on Set Design and painting. I then went onto paint scenery for Television as well as a few props. In early 2017 I decided to go self employed producing artwork and doing commissions for clients. My favourite medium is pencils, mainly because I like the look and feel they give to the work I am creating. Almost like a soft and delicate appearance, which one client described it as. The work is sprayed with fixative, so it won't smudge, and each piece arrives with a mount board frame attached to it. I think it looks more professional when it arrives than the drawing on its own .Then it is ready to go in a frame to hang up . I enjoy creating movie and television themed artwork, because I am a big movie fan myself. I produce other art too for example just recently I created a family portrait piece, and the client was very happy with what they received. I feel that my biggest customer base is movie fans, and lovers of original artwork. I personally feel that some people like to own an original in their home, and show it off to whoever visits. People have made comments about prints, but that is not who I am. I want the client to feel special knowing that the artwork they have purchased is the only one in existence. Well I hope that has given people a better understanding of myself. If you have any questions about me, or my work then please don't hesitate to ask.