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Turn a classic comic book cover into a piece of art

I was asked by the client to draw in my style a classic comic book cover that he personally likes.

'Dawn of the Dead' 2004

Different stills from the movie. The client was very particular about what scene should wanted . This has been my largest commission so far.

Stephen King themed

A mix of Stephen King characters. The client found the image online and asked me to draw it. The original image didn't have 'Gage' , or 'Cujo' in , so I put them in myself.

'IT' 2017

Originally taken from the 1990 version of 'IT' I was asked to replace Tim Curry's 'Pennywise'  with Bill Skarsgard's.

'Dracula A.D 1972' 

Commissioned to draw Christopher Lee as 'Dracula' with an added texture.

'The Monster Squad' 1987

I was commissioned to draw a scene from the film.

'Jaws' 1975

A commission just before Christmas to reproduce the 'Jaws' poster, and make alterations to the original movie cast, so it appeared that the clients friend starred in the film also.

"Carrie White and Tommy Ross"

I was asked to draw this scene from the 1976 Stephen King horror 'Carrie' starring Sissy Spacek .

'An American Werewolf in London' 1981

I was commissioned to sketch a scene from 'An American Werewolf in London' 1981

Family Portrait

I was asked to combine three different images into one picture for a family piece.

'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' 1971

I was asked to combine several images from the movie into one picture. It is now hanging up in Grandpa's Sweet shop in the West Midlands.