About me 

Hi and welcome to my site! All of my artwork is original, and arrives with a mount board frame attached (excluding artwork large than 16" x 20 "). I ship all over the UK , and outside of the UK. Postage costs are included in the listing price. If you make a purchase I will be posting your artwork tracked and signed for the next working day. Please look in your inbox as I will be sending you a tracking number and a bill of sale . All artwork is properly sealed in a cellophane bag , wrapped in blubble wrap, and placed in a 'please do not bend ' envelope/cardboard.


I do offer an approval period for buyers of 7- 10 days where you are allowed to return your original artwork for any reason should it turn out to be other than what you thought you were buying. Any returns will be paid for  by myself, and your money refunded in full.

My interview with Sci-Fi & Scary

About me

I am a traditional Artist, and I started to go self-employed early 2017. I have been drawing all my life, and did art at both College and University. Most of my artwork is movie and television based mainly because I am a big movie fan myself, but I do other art too. For example, just recently I did a family portrait commission, and the client was very happy with what she received. I would say the people that buy from me tend to be horror movie fans, and lovers of original artwork. I suppose that is one thing that separates me from other Artists. Not just my style, but I only sell Originals. I know from experience that most people like to own an original in their home and show it off to whoever visits. One lady from Canada bought two pieces recently from me 'Friday the 13th' and 'The Exorcist'. I believe the quality of my work is up to standard, as I spend a good amount of time on each piece and spray it with fixative afterwards, so it won't smudge. Each piece has a mount board frame attached to it, because I think it looks more professional when it arrives than the drawing on its own. Then it is ready to go in a frame to hang up. My favourite medium is pencils, mainly because I like the look and feel they give to the work I am creating. Almost like a soft and delicate appearance, which one client described it as. I price my art based on the time taken to complete the artwork.Just recently I was approached by Sci & Scary from one horror group asking if they would interview me about my work. Here is the article http://www.scifiandscary.com/indie-artist-emma-roulstone/

Well I hope that has given people a better understanding of myself. If you have any questions then please ask away .